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We take you into the magical world of the magical products of Anakena – Natural Cosmetics. You have to use some kind of care, why not one that not only cares, but also makes you happy with high-quality South Sea essences and ethical value!

with Coconut Milk Extract

Face Cream Anakena

Body Lotion Anakena

Skin & Hair Oil Tiare


Shower Gel Body & Hair
with Coconut Milk Extract

This exotic body & hair shower gel with fine coconut milk extract, provides for a supple soft skin and supplies skin and hair with new energy. High quality surfactants clean especially mildly and gently, while the summer-soft scent of coconut, tiare flowers and vanilla spoils the senses.
High quality extracts such as organic guava and algae give a fresh feeling.
It is ideal for use as a shampoo as well.
The fresh tropical fragrance and floral notes of this hair and body shower gel are a real treat. It can also be used as a bath additive, whereby the fine foam will transfer you instantly into a world of pure enjoyment.

Body Lotion Anakena
with Extracts of Organic Guava, Turmeric, Organic Algae and Monoï de Tahiti Natural Pineapple

Rich, quick absorbing lotion with moisturizing ingredients. A true luxury for the skin with an exotic cocktail of turmeric, organic guava, organic algae, mango butter, roucou oil and Monoï de Tahiti natural pineapple.
Let yourself be seduced by the subtle tropical scent of frangipani, coconut and vanilla.
Experience a velvety smooth and perfectly groomed skin, thanks to the power of the natural ingredients in our ANAKENA body lotion.


Face Cream Anakena
with Extracts of Turmeric and Organic Guaya and Algae & Coenzym Q10

In the delicate ANAKENA face cream you find a combination of carefully selected oils and herbal essences in order to create a naturally balanced composition. It has refreshing and protective properties.
Monoï de Tahiti Roucou and Monoï de Tahiti Natural Papaya are secret beauty ingredients of ancient Polynesian cosmetic recipes and can now be found in our facial cream.
The combination of extracts of turmeric, organic guava and organic algae is a real treat for the skin. With the addition of Q10 und Gatuline® Expression, our face cream enriches the everyday life with normal, uncomplicated skin.

Monoi de Tahiti – Anakena
Skin & Hair Oil

Our pure Monoï oil is prepared exclusively in Tahiti by macerating the tiare blossoms (Gardenia taitensis) in copra oil (coconut oil). The coconuts used in the preparation of monoï oil are grown in French Polynesia. The tiare flowers have an exquisite scent and must soak in the coconut oil for at least 10 days. Each bottle contains a natural Tiare Tahiti flower.
The uses of Monoï oil are diverse: from cosmetics to hair care, as a massage oil and skin care in general, this nourishing oil is a true miracle.
The authenticity of our Monoï de Tahiti oil is protected by an “Appellation d’Origine®”, a guarantee seal that certifies the origin and manufacturing process of the product.

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